Network Device Set up

Do you need help setting up networking devices? The Web Zone is experienced in setting up all kinds of devices from wireless routers, printers, to switches and hubs. If you need a router or any other device set up do not hesitate to call!

We provide both on-site and remote technical services for our one-time or managed network clients. We are available Monday through Saturday and provide technical support after hours for emergencies.


Services offered:

  • Network Installation
  • Network Set up
  • Network Device Set up and Configuration
  • Network Firewalls and Anti-Intrusion
  • Expansion of existing networks
  • Wide are network (WAN) set up
  • Network Service Repair / Set up (phone, fax, ...)
  • Cable Installation (cat 3, cat 5, cat 5e, RJ11, RJ45, RJ14, ...)










For more details on how we can assist you with your network, call us at 541-689-3245 and ask for our network engineer service department.