Custom Servers

The Web Zone builds custom servers for individuals and businesses. Call or stop in and together we can build the server your business or home office needs. 

We'll compose a quote and once the quote is approved and purchased by you, we'll build it out for you.  

Our custom servers will be designed to give you exactly what you want with room for upgrades. We are also local and provide a warranty on all of our labor and parts. Our in-house computer repair lab allows us to test and make sure the custom system works before it goes out our door. All you have to do is plug it in and get to work!   

Our computer techs also take inventory of your network devices and workstations at your business or home office to make sure your printers, internet access, cameras, cell phones and special equipment has the necessary drivers and support to operate on the custom system we build for you. We do compatibility checks before we build out any custom servers. 

We also offer home and office installation services. So, not only do we do a compatibility check of existing items in your home or office, we also take the system on site to your location and install it to ensure a successful custom system is working well at your location.

You can call us or contact us for a quote at 541.689.3245.

Guarantee: Our custom servers will have an OEM Operating System CD, labor and parts warranties, a compatibility test will be provided before anything is purchased for the system, and we keep you, our customer, in the driver’s seat at all times regarding the project.