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We were pleased with the speed and service and price that we received. Thank you!
  -Samantha Cryer

Good Job! - Laptop Repair Customer

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Thanks for bringing my laptop back to life in a timely manner, despite part delivery problems you've experienced. and being responsive to my special requests about privacy..
7/21/2015Michael Bean
brought in my daughters Iphone 5S for a new screen. Excellent customer service- excellent workmanship. This cost me 33% less then at Batteries Plus! Thank You Web Zone :-)
3/27/2015Ian Anderson from Belize
Today, I had the best customer service I have ever had .. this from The Web Zone.

I have been traveling in the US and Canada for the past 6 weeks and totally dependent on my smart phone. It stopped working today.. I was distraught.

I went to Web Zone having no idea what was wrong.. They took my phone and during 15 minutes determined the problem was with the battery, not the phone itself. They then phoned on my behalf a battery store to ensure they had the proper battery instock before I had to drive across town, then gave me easy to follow instructions on how to get to the battery store.

with great gratitude, I asked for the bill.. and to my shock, the gentleman said.. "no bill, it was our pleasure to help you" !!!!

not only was web zone able to diagnose my phone and ensure its fix.. they did it with a smile and with their compliments.